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Check out TRIAD RESOURCES for blogs, podcasts, books and more!

For other adoption resources, check out the BIRTH FAMILY page.

BEFORE SCROLLING: We highly recommend reading "The Expectant Mother's Guide to Adoption" by AdoptMatch 

These resources help match you with prospective adoptive families and continue communication post-adoption.

  • "AdoptMatch is an online platform that connects expectant mothers considering adoption with ethical adoption agencies and attorneys working with home study approved adoptive families."

  • "AdoptConnect offers a user-friendly, confidential platform where photos, videos and updates are digitally stored, AdoptConnect eliminates the typical challenges of post-adoption contact and paves the way for positive communication for years to come."

  • Behind the Bump: A Birth Mother's Story

  • Birthright

    • "We help women discover hope for the future through friendship, love and support. We know the importance of simply being with her, being a compassionate listener and respecting that it is her life and her plan. Birthright is available to support her for as long as she needs us, from the time of her first call or visit, throughout her pregnancy and after."

    • "Along with providing love and support, we help her with essentials such as pregnancy testing, medical, housing and counseling referrals as well as maternity and baby items. Through Birthright’s strong support system, she can realize hope for her future."

  • Find pregnancy help near you by AdoptMatch

  • Glad Story (Instagram) - @glad.story

    • "Our desire is that any expectant mother who comes across our page will be informed by the dozens of stories from the birth mothers who have already walked the road she is considering. We believe the more an expectant mother learns from a host of birth mothers, the more likely she will be prepared and empowered to make the best decision for herself and her child."​

  • Importance of Knowing Your Options by AdoptMatch

  • The Expectant Mother's Guide to Adoption by AdoptMatch


This is simply a list of the agencies in Iowa. Check out this article by to read a few ideas on how to find an ethical agency. Remember that you deserve to be respected and supported, before and after birth, no matter if you decide to parent or place your child for adoption. If you have any questions on finding an agency, please email us at

If we missed a local Iowa agency, please email us at


Find out what kind of post adoption support is available if you decide to place your child for adoption. Click here.


Find out what kind of pregnancy & postpartum support is available on the PARENTING PAGE


If you are interested in talking to someone who is part of an adoption triad, please email us at

We would love to connect you to a birth parent, adoptive family, or adoptee to help you learn and understand the process and depth of creating and choosing an adoption plan for your child.

If you have suggestions of other adoption resources for those considering adoption, please email us at

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