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This is simply a list of local adoption agencies. As a prospective adoptive family, it is your responsibility to do your research and choose an ethical agency that is the right fit for your family. If you have questions about choosing an ethical agency, check out this article by

  • Beauty Amidst the Ashes 

    • "Beauty Amidst The Ashes exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by advocating and educating individuals and families about adoption.  We share our stories to evangelize, encourage, and empower people.  It is our desire to bring the hope of Christ into each life story and motivate people to engage in caring for children who need families."

  • Chelsey's Dream Foundation

    • ​"Chelsey's Dream Foundation provides financial grants to couples/families that adopt children."

  • Grayson's Gifts 

    • "Grayson's Gifts will give local Des Moines area residents an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship to help with the expense of creating their family. Finances shouldn't be the only obstacle standing in the way. Grayson's Gifts has been established with 3 goals in mind: education, financial support, and community support."

  • Iowa Association of Adoption Agencies

    • ​"IAAA is a consortium of adoption specialists from across the great state of Iowa who are devoted to our children and families. Our members offer various adoption options including Special Needs Adoption, International Adoption, and Domestic Infant Adoption. Quarterly meetings are held to collectively discuss issues that impact adoption in Iowa. Each member is employed by a licensed child placing agency or is a certified adoption investigator."

  • Iowans for Adoption

    • ​"Iowans for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting adoption through education, research and collaboration. We serve as a networking and advocacy forum to support adoption and all members of the adoption triad. We promote adoption as a way to improve childrens' and families’ overall well-being. We offer free materials to educate others about the option of adoption and increase the positive portrayal of adoption via public service announcements, speaking engagements, activities and free networking support groups."


If you are interested in talking to someone who is part of an adoption triad, please email us at

We would love to connect you to a birth parent, adoptive family, or adoptee to help you learn and understand the process and depth of adoption.

If you have other local resources for prospective adoptive families, please email us at

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