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Check out TRIAD RESOURCES for blogs, podcasts, books and more!

  • Andie Coston Adoptee Mentoring

  • Angela Tucker Adoption Consulting

  • Gray Moulton

    • Marriage & Family Therapist with virtual sessions​

  • Hannah Matthews

    • "Hannah Jackson Matthews is the content  creator behind Hey TRA (Hey Transracial Adoptee). Through Hey TRA, she creates digital content for transracial adoptees (people raised by families whose race and ethnicities are different than their own) and their families in order to better navigate race, embrace identity, and combat racism and white supremacy."

  • Pineapple Mindset by Chloe Edwards

    • "She created this company in hopes of building a safe place for other adoptees to feel comfortable being themselves, sharing their feelings, and to reach out for help."​

  • Therapy Redeemed  ​by Cameron Lee Small, MS, LPCC

    • ​"I provide individual, family, and group counseling services, along with adoption-sensitive workshops and trainings, so that for the first or hundredth time (both are therapeutic), you’d sit back or rise up in the relief of knowing you’re not alone."

  • Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families

    • "We accomplish our mission by facilitating events which provide culturally relevant and family-​centered experiences for every member of the family. These events provide individuals and families with both a deeper sense of community and an individual identity. It is our goal that all adoptees will develop a knowledge of themselves and their culture of origin and that families will have a better awareness of, and sense of pride in, their adopted family member’s birth heritage."

  • Holt International Adoptee Camp​

  • Pact Family Camp

    • "A weeklong summer retreat where adopted children of color of all ages—and their families—share experiences and build community while learning from experts and each other. Pact Family Camp offers you and your children life-changing learning experiences."

  • Adoptees On by Haley Radke

    • Articles, artists, books, documentaries, Facebook, newsletters, podcasts, retreats & conferences, Twitter, videos, websites/blogs

  • Adoptee Therapists by Haley Radke

  • Wreckage and Wonder by Tori DiMartile

    • Books, websites/blogs, podcasts, ted talks, conferences, transracial parenting


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