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Check out TRIAD RESOURCES for blogs, podcasts, books and more!

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can also find resources on the EXPECTANT PARENTS page.


*Unfortunately, we are not aware of any support groups at this time. Please check our online resources for online support groups.*

If you would be interested in helping us start a support group, please contact us.

  • Gray Moulton

    • Marriage & Family Therapist with virtual sessions

  • New Beginnings Counseling

    • Services include individual therapy for children and adults as well as couples and family counseling. 

    • All therapists at New Beginnings operate from a trauma informed approach. Contact them to get set up with the appropriate therapist.

  • Wendy Solawetz M.S. LMFT

    • Wendy brings 25 years of experience providing counseling, support , and resources to women and their families facing challenges and assisting them to provide a safe and loving home for their children. She also has extensive training in adoption related issues and appreciates working with anyone touched by adoption including individual adopted persons, birth families, and adopted families.


If you would be interested in being a mentor for expectant or new birth parents, helping start a support group,

or collaborating with us in another way, please contact us. We are stronger together!

If you have suggestions of other local resources, please email us at

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