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Check out TRIAD RESOURCES for blogs, podcasts, books and more!

If you are considering adoption or are a waiting family, you can also find resources on the PROSPECTIVE ADOPTIVE FAMILY page.

  • We hope that some of these resources are beneficial to you as well, but we encourage you to also check out our local friends, Foster SQUAD.​
    • "Giving a child a home is a remarkable gift. The Foster SQUAD is here to provide resources to Polk County foster families as they care for our community’s most vulnerable children."

  • Foster Care Closet in Norwalk

  • Bethany Christian ADOPTS Program

    • "Offers a specialized trauma-based therapy."  Cost: $125 per hour-long session. (Scholarships may be available.)

    • Contact Trisha Hay to schedule appointment at or 641-628-3247

  • Bethany Christian Mentorship Program (no link - use contact information listed)

    • "Includes Group Get Togethers and One-on-Ones mentors. The mentoring program gives adopted kids a chance to connect to young adult adopted persons"  Cost: $95 per hour-long session.

    • Contact Trisha Hay to schedule appointment at or 641-628-3247

  • Bethany Christian Transracial Adoption Program (no link - use contact information listed)

    • "Provides Transracial Adoption Coaching to adoptive families to support kids to be culturally connected and develop healthy racial identity."  Cost: $95 per hour-long session. 

    • Contact Trisha Hay to schedule appointment at or 641-628-3247

  • Bethany Post-Adoption Contact Center

    • "Regardless of whether you're a Bethany client, we welcome any birth family member, adoptee, or adoptive family member to receive a free, initial consultation. We'll help you navigate any unique adoption-related needs you face. Through phone or email, you'll receive one-on-one support to develop a plan designed to help you thrive."

  • Iowa Association of Adoption Agencies

    • ​"IAAA is a consortium of adoption specialists from across the great state of Iowa who are devoted to our children and families. Our members offer various adoption options including Special Needs Adoption, International Adoption, and Domestic Infant Adoption. Quarterly meetings are held to collectively discuss issues that impact adoption in Iowa. Each member is employed by a licensed child placing agency or is a certified adoption investigator."

  • Iowans for Adoption

    • "Iowans for Adoption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting adoption through education, research and collaboration. We serve as a networking and advocacy forum to support adoption and all members of the adoption triad. We promote adoption as a way to improve childrens' and families’ overall well-being. We offer free materials to educate others about the option of adoption and increase the positive portrayal of adoption via public service announcements, speaking engagements, activities and free networking support groups."

  • Alli Conrad, LMSW - Youth Emergency Services & Shelter

    • Alli provides therapy to children of all ages, adults, and families.

    • Areas of expertise: Play-based therapy, trauma-focused therapy, EMDR, mental health and behavioral symptoms related to trauma.

  • Alyssa Caldbeck​, LISW, RPT

    • Alyssa Caldbeck is a Licensed Independent Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, and a Certified EMDR Therapist. ​She has completed a specific mental health adoption competency training and as a therapist specializes in attachment, trauma, adoption concerns. Alyssa has advanced training in EMDR approaches for attachment and trauma and is an Integrative Attachment and Treatment Certified Therapist through the Attachment and Trauma Center in Nebraska. In addition to provides trainings to parents and professionals as well as supports therapists through EMDR and play therapy consultations.

  • Gray Moulton

    • Marriage & Family Therapist​

  • Jordan Bell, Occupational Therapist - Kinetic Edge PT (Newton)

    • She is a pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in primitive reflex integration. She helps kids learn to self-regulate, play appropriately, and meet developmental milestones. She is also the only local OT trained in MNRI, which uses movement based therapy to help the body to release trauma.

  • New Beginnings Counseling

    • Services include individual therapy for children and adults as well as couples and family counseling. All therapists at New Beginnings operate from a trauma informed approach. 

    • Contact them to get set up with the appropriate therapist.

  • TBRI Practitioner Directory

  • Wendy Solawetz M.S. LMFT

    • Wendy brings 25 years of experience providing counseling, support , and resources to women and their families facing challenges and assisting them to provide a safe and loving home for their children. She also has extensive training in adoption related issues and appreciates working with anyone touched by adoption including individual adopted persons, birth families, and adopted families.


If you would like to be a mentor, support system, collaborate with us, or provide meals to waiting adoptive families or parents who welcome a new child, please contact us. We are stronger together!

If you have suggestions of other local resources, please email us at

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