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Here at Visto, we embrace the changing world of adoption and believe that every part of the adoption triad deserves to be seen and honored.


We provide local Iowa and online resources, education, and support surrounding adoption and are building a community for the adoption triad where everyone feels safe to share their story and embrace each other’s similarities and differences.


"To support, honor, and provide resources to every side of the adoption triad to build a stronger adoption community."




Betsy is a born and raised Iowa girl, with a love for the Hawkeyes, giraffes, and Iowa's four seasons. She has a degree in Child Development from Iowa State University, and she uses it every day in her life as a stay at home mom with her two boys. As a mom whose family was built through adoption and many members within her family who have been touched by it as well, she is dedicated to building a community of support for the entire triad.


Visto means "seen" in Spanish. We believe that every member should be seen, respected, and supported. Here at Visto, we strive to see everyone who is part of the adoption community and provide them with the resources they deserve to live a healthy, fulfilled life.

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